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Walk Of Horror

The Walk of Horror (WOH) is our annual haunted house that is sponsored by the East Lyme Police Cadets and friends.  During this event, we raise money for local charities and collect donations for the local food pantry.

What we ask for is a donation of either cash or canned goods for the food pantry.  We are requiring 

Volunteers Needed

We need volunteers for this years Haunt to be held October 9th-11th from 6pm-11pm (Haunt hrs 7p-10p)

Positions Desired to be filled:

Behind the scenes: Maintainance/repair/supply assistant

Skeleton Scarer: 2 positions

Pirate Scarer: 4 positions

Zombie Scarer: 3 positions

Greeter/ Tour Guide: 5 positions

Prop Designer(s): 10 - We work on props all year long, contact us for more information if you are     

                               interested in assisting. No experience necessary, learn as you go (we do)! or (860) 451-9797

Privacy Policy

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