New Member Policies (Updated 02/20/2020)

New Member Meetings - Only 3 Times per year

Starting February 20, 2020, we will be restricting when new members can join the program. Previously we have allowed new members to attend any regular meeting but this has proven to be a major disruption to normal training.  This is not fair to the youth that are already members and affect their time and learning abilities.

We will now allow new members to join ONLY in FEBRUARY, APRIL and OCTOBER of each year at the first (1st) meeting of that month.  Our meetings are held on the first and third (1st & 3rd) Wednesdays from 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM but only the first (1st) meeting of those months will be for new recruits.  BOTH parents must attend this one (1) meeting with the potential new member in order for them to be considered for membership.  Much needed information will be given out at that time.  

Probationary Cadets will then be required to attend two (2) meetings before their registration paperwork will be accepted.  This requirement is so that they can make sure that they really want to join this awesome program and that it interests them.

We take July & August off from regular meetings but do have some events in which new prospective members may NOT attend.

We may be reached at or at (860) 451-9797